Industrial Repair Services

TIM is a proud U.S. based, woman-owned and privately held company providing the best Industrial Repair Services in the industry!

Wind Turbine Repairs

Let our skilled industrial craftsmen help to maintain and repair your wind turbines to keep the blades turning for you & producing at their maximum efficiency! Let us take care of your split case and machining on turbines in the field.

Precision Laser Alignments

When you need your industrial or manufacturing equipment aligned properly, you need the Precision Laser Alignment skills of the TIM team!

Industrial Equipment Installations

Once you have invested in a large and expensive piece of machinery, you need it installed right the first time. TIM has a proven track record of excellent planning, communications and deployment skills!

Industrial Construction Installation Experts

When building your new industrial facility, you need quality Millwrights to ensure a smooth industrial equipment installation process. Our master craftsmen have a proven track record of success helping companies like yours to bring their construction projects to completion.

Industrial Compressor Overhauling

Our skilled team of Industrial mechanics can provide maintenance, overhauling, repairs, installations, inspections and more for any type of Industrial Compressors.

A Little About TIM…

Tillson Industrial Mechanics (TIM) is one of the leading specialty industrial service companies in the United States, with our main office based on the Gulf Coast in the Houston Texas area. We have been a comprehensive energy industry equipment service provider for many phases of oil and gas production including midstream, downstream and power generation.

In addition to the energy production industry including Oil, Gas and all types of Green energy, we also help many other industries keep their facilities working smoothly. We are a comprehensive industrial repair and installation provider to the manufacturing, chemical, paper mills, roofing plants, food processing, health care/institutional, colleges, industrial construction industries just to name a few.

We have the capabilities and experience to provide our first-class service to our clients all around the world in any location that we are needed. We’re here to help!

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Industrial Equipment Services We Provide

TIM has been providing installation, maintenance and repair services for all types of rotating and fixed industrial equipment for instance:

  • Pump overhauls, repairs and service
  • Compressor overhauls, repairs and service
  • Generator overhauls, repairs and service
  • Centrifugal Turbine overhauls, repairs and service
  • Wind Turbine overhauls, repairs and service
  • Packaging equipment overhauls, repairs and service
  • Gearbox overhauls, repairs and service
  • Industrial Valve Repairs
  • And so much more!

You need a team you can count on to perform all your industrial equipment maintenance and installation needs from basic repairs to complete overhauls and new equipment installations.

As a highly experienced provider of maintenance on all types of fixed, rotating and reciprocating industrial equipment specialty machinery in the United States, you need Tillson Industrial Mechanics!

Millwright Services

You need a team you can count on to perform all your industrial equipment needs from basic maintenance to complete equipment overhauls. You need Tillson Industrial Mechanics!

Field Machining

We know with industrial equipment you need things fixed in place and we can handle your field machining work with the same precision and quality you get with in-shop machining.

Precision Alignments

When you need precision, you need TIM. We have state-of-the-art equipment and the skilled craftsmen to put those tools to use to produce the best quality precision work in the business!

Equipment Base Fabrications

Our highly skilled craftsmen are able to fabricate a base that will meet the safety and functionality needs for any type of mounted industrial machinery.

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