Equipment Installations

Our skilled team uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the best results with your heavy equipment installation.

Equipment Removal Services

Before you get your new industrial equipment installed you need the old equipment removed. We can safely remove the old machinery and install the new one for you as well.

Industrial Rigging Services

Our skilled craftsmen are able to safely move, install or remove any heavy industrial equipment!

Top Rated Millwrights

With our extensively experienced Millwrights, we can move any sensitive industrial equipment with ease.

Industrial Equipment Installations

TIM is an industry leader in all types of reciprocating and rotating industrial equipment, precision manufacturing, and control equipment installations, removals or moves. With our team of highly experienced Millwrights, we are able to install even the largest of heavy industrial equipment!
Here at Tillson Industrial Mechanics we are capable of relocating industrial machinery of all shapes and sizes in virtually every  environment known. We take great pride in being able to assist our clients through even the most challenging of plant moves and make it as painless as possible.

Our skilled Millwrights are able to provide the industrial rigging and moving services to be able to uninstall, load, ship or transport, and then reinstall any piece of industrial machinery or heavy equipment. 

We are a one-stop shop and can handle all aspects of your move or install. We use some of the most advanced techniques in the industry to ensure that all of your industrial equipment is properly rigged in order to safely move it in a timely fashion.

Once your equipment has been safely moved to the installation location, our Industrial Mechanics will then handle all the connections and testing of the equipment.

This includes all the needed components of the move like the Precision Laser Alignment before final placement, or any needed custom base fabrications as well as all the necessary electrical, plumbing and mechanical connections needed in order to operate the machinery in its’ new mounting location.

Whether you need to move a single piece of industrial machinery or you need to have a complete plant relocation performed, TIM has the industrial construction mechanics with the talent to handle the job with ease.

Our highly experienced team of Millwrights fully understand the value and importance of your industrial machinery. With this in mind we work very hard to ensure that your equipment is handled with the utmost safety, caution and care.

Installation of New Industrial Equipment

We handle all installation aspects of your new piece of industrial equipment making us your one-stop company to get this done quickly and with the quality that TIM has become known for throughout the industry.

We can handle the rigging needed to move and then locate the equipment into its’ final mounting location. If needed, we can also custom fabricate a base for the equipment so it can be safely mounted. Our Millwrights can handle all the precision alignment needs before final placement to make sure it is mounted level.

On top of that we can handle all of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing connections needed for operation with our skilled industrial mechanics. Our Industrial Equipment Installations Services are unsurpassed in the industry!

Salvage and Removal of Industrial Equipment and Machinery

Have an old piece of machinery that needs to be decommissioned and removed? No problem for the highly experienced TIM team of construction mechanics.

We can dismantle the old equipment and then use our expert rigging services to safely remove it allowing you to reuse the space right away if desired. In fact, we can take care of that installation for you as well!

Industrial Installation Services We Provide:

  • Installation of New Equipment and Machinery
  • Dismantling Equipment for Relocation or Removal
  • Reassembly of Relocated Equipment
  • Heavy Equipment and Crane Rigging Service
  • Industrial Equipment Installations
  • Precision Alignment Before Final Placement of Equipment
  • Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical Connections
  • And more!

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