In-line Industrial Valve Repair

Our skilled team of Millwrights provide turnkey In-line industrial valve repair and maintenance services that’ll save you time and reduce your operation costs!

In-line Industrial Valve Inspections

We provide comprehensive In-line Industrial Valve Inspections to ensure proper operation and safety standards are being met.

Industrial Valve Installations

Our Millwrights are experts at Industrial Valve Installations allowing for quick replacements of defective valves or initial placement installation.

Industrial Valve Repair Services

Our highly experienced team of Millwrights are able to provide a wide array of Industrial Valve Repair Services helping to provide quick turn around times and top quality services.

Industrial Valve Maintenance

Our comprehensive Industrial Valve Maintenance services help to keep you in operation with minimal downtime and lowered costs.

Industrial Valve Overhauls

Our Industrial Valve Overhaul specialists are able to lower your downtime and operating costs through our quality Industrial services.

Industrial Valve Repair

With our Millwright team of highly experienced Industrial Mechanics, we are able to provide precision maintenance, installation, inspection and repairs of a wide array of industrial valves.

Here at Tillson Industrial Mechanics our skilled Millwrights are able to provide the valve repair and maintenance, installations and inspection services you need to keep your oil pipeline or manufacturing facilities producing for you.

This helps to reduce your operating costs and increase your production while meeting all international standards for safety and quality. We provide our services all over the world to allow us to be your one stop for all your Industrial valve services.

Industrial Valve Installations

Here at Tillson Industrial Mechanics our team of Millwrights can perform in-line valve installations and replacements efficiently and safely. From welding to rigging and placement, our team can handle the work from start to finish helping to make things easier on you.

Regardless of the circumstances, our team has the skills and experience to custom machine or fabricate any necessary components to ensure proper valve installation. We are able to meet international safety standards.

Valve Repair Service

As an Industrial valve repair service company, we are able to perform in-line valve repairs to get you back in operation quickly keeping your downtime and costs to a minimum.

Some of our valve repair services include specialty machining; which allows us to make repairs on the fly, valve seat removal and re-installations, welding and heat treatments as well as custom fabrications. This allows our team to accomplish any necessary work quickly and up to international standards for quality and safety. 

In-line Industrial Valve Inspections

Our team can help you avoid problems in your production process with our In-line Valve Inspection services. They help to identify potential issues before they become a problem that causes downtime and production loses.  We perform detailed inspections that are designed to provide you with the most accurate data available in any environment.

We inspect for cracks and similar anomalies, metal fatigue and corrosion, dents and other deformities as well as weld integrity just to name a few. We partner with you to ensure all safety and regulatory standards are being met.

Industrial Valve Maintenance and Overhauls

Our Millwrights have a wealth of experience when it comes to overhauling and maintaining industrial valves in numerous industries. We are able to overhaul or replace valves while staying within manufacturer and safety tolerances. This can be done as a breakdown service or as preventative maintenance to eliminate unscheduled downtime.

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Some Industrial Valve Services That We Provide:

  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Removal and Re-welding of Any Integral Valve Seats
  • Custom Machined and Fabricated Parts
  • Welding and Heat Treatments
  • Industrial Valve Maintenance
  • Industrial Valve Repairs
  • Visual Inspections and Identification of Potential Issues
  • In-line Valve Upgrades and Repairs
  • Weld Repairs and Upgrades
  • Root Cause Analysis of Issues
  • Hard Facing and Coatings
  • And Much More!

Our team of highly skilled Millwrights are experienced and skilled enough to handle any necessary repairs. We make it easy for you to get back into operation with just a call to us!

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