Industrial Machinery Grouting Services


Industrial Machinery is under heavy stresses during normal operation and the equipment can’t run at it’s peak efficiency if it’s not properly grouted so it is supported!

Heavy Machinery Mounting & Anchoring


We provide comprehensive Heavy Equipment Machinery Grouting to ensure proper mounting and anchoring able to withstand the stresses of operation.

Repairing Damaged Foundations


Our Millwrights can repair damaged mounting base foundations to ensure your equipment is properly anchored.

Compressor Re-Grout


Our highly experienced team can regrout your compressor so it is properly supported and able to run at its’ peak performance.

Grout Repairs


Our team of Industrial Mechanics can repair your damaged grout before it causes issues for your equipment’s operation.

Industrial Machine Alignments


Our Industrial Equipment Alignment specialists are able to eliminate vibrations and other issues from misaligned machinery.

Industrial Machine Grouting

Our Millwright team of highly experienced Industrial Mechanics are able to provide precision grouting for industrial equipment including repairs, mounting, stabilization, re-grouting and more.

What is Machinery Grouting?

Rotating industrial equipment and other types of heavy machinery, can’t be simply installed onto a foundation or base. This is due to the irregularities in both the machine base and surface it will be mounted to; such as a concrete floor. It will create load-bearing issues and precision alignment difficulties that can become costly and dangerous down the line.

Grout is used after machinery bases are aligned and leveled by jack bolts or shims above the foundation because there is a resulting space between the machine base and the foundation which is then filled with a machinery grout. This is done for proper load and energy transfer from the equipment into the foundation eliminating wear and tear on the machinery.

Types of Grouting Materials

The type of grout material used is specific to each piece of machinery’s particular anchoring needs as each has its own pros and cons so it is best to have a professional determine the best for your needs. There is a cement grout, an epoxy based grout and a chemical resistant grout as well.

Epoxy Grouting

One common type of grout used in machinery grouting are Epoxy grouts. They are really useful because they bond well to both steel and concrete materials providing the best load transfers. Epoxy grouts are considered to be better than cement grouts at dissipating the dynamic forces experienced by many types of heavy industrial equipment that can cause excessive wear and tear.

Epoxy grouts are great for industrial applications where vibrations, impacts, or mild chemicals are factors that need to be considered when selecting the right grout for your situation..

Cement Grouting

Another type of machinery grout used are Cement grouts. These are often used for static load situations with smoother running machinery, and with environmental conditions where epoxy grouts are more prone to failure.

Cement grouts also tend to be less costly to utilize than epoxy grouts and the cement grouting is also more flexible and perfect for tight clearances, deeper pours, mass pours and also quick turnarounds. 

Chemical Resistant Grouting

Chemical resistant grout is perfect for industrial situations where machinery is subjected to caustic chemicals or operating conditions. Whether you are dealing with various types of acids or other caustics, oils or other solvents, chemical resistant specialty grouting can help to solve the issue and provide the stability you need.

Heavy Equipment Anchoring

With the stresses placed on most industrial machinery during normal operation requires them to be properly anchored in order to stand up to the stress. This is where highly trained and experienced Industrial Mechanics really shine.

They have the knowledge to determine exactly what is need to properly secure your machine to its’ base because the Anchor bolts must be properly grouted in place to help provide the needed additional stability and vibration resistance.

Let us show you why we are among the best in the business with our Industrial Machinery Grouting Services.

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Industrial Equipment Grouting Services

  • Sole-plate Implementations and Re-Grouts
  • Grout Repairs
  • Cement Grouting
  • Epoxy Grouting
  • Chemical Resistant Grouts
  • Precision Alignments
  • Compressor Regrouts
  • Base Plate Grouting
  • Equipment Stabilization Services 
  • Anchor Bolt Grouting
  • Machinery Mounting
  • Rebuilding Base Platforms
  • Vibration Cushioning Grouting Services
  • Setting And Leveling Baseplates

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