Custom Base Fabrications

Our skilled craftsmen are able to custom fabricate a base to properly support any heavy industrial equipment.

Precision Laser Alignments

Having your industrial equipment level is even more important with precision manufacturing equipment and our Millwrights can get your equipment leveled within tolerances.

Industrial Rigging Services

Having your industrial equipment moved safely and efficiently is a must! This is where our Industrial Rigging Teams can safely make sure any sized piece of equipment is moved, removed or installed properly.

Wind Turbine Services

Having your wind turbines operating at peak performance is crucial to your bottom line and we here at TIM understand this fact. We can offer all types of wind turbine repair and maintenance services to help ensure your farm is producing energy at desired levels.

Millwright Services

TIM is an industry leader in all types of reciprocating and rotating industrial equipment repairs, installations and maintenance. With our team of highly experienced craftsmen we are able to meet very tight schedules without a loss in quality or safety!

Some Millwright Services We Provide

  • Precision Alignments
  • Custom Base Fabrications
  • Grouting and Re-grouting
  • Industrial Valve Repairs
  • Pump Repairs, Installation and Service
  • Compressor Repairs, Installation and Service
  • Generator Repairs, Installation and Service
  • Industrial Machinery Maintenance
  • Installation Services for all types of Industrial Machinery
  • Industrial Equipment Relocation Services
  • Emergency Equipment Repairs
  • Industrial Equipment Safety Inspections
  • And much more!

A little about our Industrial Equipment Services…

Precision Laser Alignment Services

When it comes to your power generating, manufacturing and other industrial equipment, having your equipment precisely aligned is a necessity for both operation and efficiency standpoints. Our highly skilled TIM team of industrial technicians can make sure your in place equipment stays properly aligned or we can make sure of proper alignment before final placement of equipment.

Learn more about how we can help with all your industrial precision alignment needs, visit our Precision Industrial Alignments section for more information.

Custom Industrial Equipment Base Fabrications

With your industrial equipment, you need to have a good base for it to be placed on in order to optimize safety and operations. Here at TIM our highly skilled team of Millwrights can fabricate a base that will fit any type of equipment or placement needs.

Regardless of the type of industrial equipment we are able to customize a base to fit it. We have worked with all types of generators, compressors, gas turbines, general purpose rotating equipment, conveying equipment, paper processing machinery just to name a few.

We are sure with our skilled professionals, we will be able to deliver a solution to your issue so be sure to contact us today for more information. You can also visit ourĀ Custom Base Fabrications area for more information.

Wind Turbine Maintenance & Repairs

With the move towards renewable green energy, more companies are investing in this area and need to protect this investment. Your wind farm is only producing profits if it is fully operational and your turbines spinning.

Unexpected downtime due to repair issues can cost you money and eat up your potential profits. Our skilled Industrial Mechanics are able to help keep your turbines up and operational through our professional turbine maintenance services.

If you are coming to us after you already have an issue, we can help you there as well. We will come out to your location and get your wind turbines back in operation and producing electricity for you in a timely fashion to help minimize downtime as much as possible. Visit our Wind Turbine Services area for more information.

Industrial Equipment Rigging

When it comes to heavy industrial equipment used in the power generation, manufacturing, paper mill, chemical and other industries they can often be very heavy and unyielding to move safely.

Our skilled Millwrights and rigging teams can move, remove, or install any sized piece of industrial equipment in a safe and timely fashion to keep your equipment producing for you.

To learn more about how we can help you, visit our Industrial Rigging Services area.

Field Machining

Often there isn’t time or the ability to bring the part or equipment back to our shop area in order to perform precision machining. Here at Tillson Industrial Mechanics (TIM), we are able to perform machining in the field to get your equipment repaired, maintained or installed quickly in order to minimize costly downtime.

With world-class Millwrights on our team, you can be assured to have your precision machine work completed right the first time. Allow us to show you why we are the best in the business and can back that statement up with our skilled professionals.

Are you an experienced Millwright looking for a new career opportunity?

Visit our Careers section and please submit your information to us, we are always looking for great talent to add to our growing team so come join the TIM team of highly skilled industrial mechanics!

In-shop Machining Services

We have some of the best machine shop equipment at our disposal to allow us to perform extremely complex tasks with all the precision needed for today’s industrial equipment.

What Is a Millwright?

Back before the invention of modern machinery, many products such as flour, lumber and paper were produced by the use of wind or water mill power. The Millwright services performed back then included building, operating and maintaining these mills and were as vital then as they are today.

In modern times, although the name has stayed the same, the responsibilities and skill set of a Millwright has grown dramatically with the invention of modern machinery to require a much more extensive set of varied tradeskills.

In modern times, a Millwright is also known as an Industrial Mechanic and is responsible for the moving, assembly, installation, repair and maintenance of all types of specialized industrial equipment used in industries such as factories and power plants.

Millwright services are also required during the industrial construction process. A Construction Millwright is responsible for the placement, leveling and aligning of the machine’s base foundation prior to the machine’s erection as well as coupling the unit to its’ primary power source.

The services of a Millwright has also become vital to the wind generation industry. With the vast number of wind turbines already in operation as well as those coming online in the near future, anĀ Automated Equipment Engineering Technician is necessary to build and maintain all of these turbines in the field.

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