Precision Laser Alignments

Our skilled craftsmen are able to properly align any precision heavy industrial equipment.

Precise leveling of sensitive equipment

With our extensively experienced Millwrights, we can precisely align or level any sensitive industrial equipment.

Laser leveling

We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the most accurate alignment results.

Final start up alignment

Before you start up your new equipment, make sure everything is aligned beforehand.

Precision Alignment & Leveling Services

TIM is an industry leader in aligning and leveling all types of reciprocating and rotating industrial equipment, precision manufacturing, and control equipment. With our team of highly experienced Millwrights, we are able to align or level even the most complex of precision equipment!

We use some of the most advanced techniques in the industry to ensure that all of your industrial equipment is properly aligned and leveled to help minimize downtime and additional wear of expensive components.

Not only can a misaligned precision device be subject to potential damage and downtime, it can also cause additional damage to other components compounding the repair costs and potential downtime.

Our highly skilled precision alignment technicians are able to utilize their extensive Millwright skills to align your devices to keep your systems operating at maximum efficiency and therefore potentially lowering your overall operation costs.

Some Precision Alignment Services That We Provide:

  • Precision Laser Alignments
  • Installation Alignment Services for all types of Industrial Machinery
  • Industrial Equipment Relocation Services and Leveling
  • Machine Alignments
  • Precision manufacturing equipment alignments and diagnostics
  • Base Leveling for new equipment installations
  • Alignment for final placement of industrial equipment
  • Shaft Alignments and machining
  • Equipment reassembly and relocation services
  • Alignment checks and adjustments
  • And more!

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