Pre-End Of Warranty Inspections

You need to be sure you have everything that needs to be replaced taken care of prior to your warranty expiring to save you huge amounts of profit. We can come out and identify everything that needs to be replaced under warranty.

Turbine Maintenance

Properly maintaining your turbines can help to avoid larger repairs and downtime. Let our team of experts keep your wind turbines producing at maximum capabilities.

Renewable Wind Energy Is Growing

You need to protect your investment into this technology, let us help you!

Wind Turbine Repairs

Our skilled craftsmen are able to keep your Turbines generating with minimal downtime!

Wind Turbine Maintenance Services

Our team of highly experienced craftsmen are able to maintain your Wind Turbines to help ensure they are producing for you at the maximum possible output!

Regardless of the manufacturer of your wind turbine, they all need to be properly maintained in order to avoid costly downtime and repairs.

We have customized maintenance contracts that can be tailored to your specific situation in order to provide you with the best possible service while still being highly cost effective.

Depending on the age and operation time of the turbine we will make sure to only provide you with services you actually need to keep your turbines generating at peak performance.

Be sure you reach out to us so we can have one of our experts can tell you how we can help you keep your Wind Farm producing all while maintaining a strong commitment to helping you keep your costs down through preventative maintenance!

Some services generally included in most wind farm turbine maintenance contracts:


  • Lubrication – From the top to the bottom, all components of your wind turbine that are subject to movement generally need lubrication. We will come out on a pre-determined schedule to make sure all the moving parts of your turbine and tower that require lubrication, are properly maintained to help reduce wear and tear that leads to outages.
  • Bearings – Due to the amount of wear bearings are subject to during normal daily operation, they tend to have shorter lifespans than other components. This means they need to be checked and if needed, replaced, at a pre-determined schedule in order to avoid failures that can lead to very costly repairs.
  • Brushes – This is another component that tends to have a shorter lifespan as well and should be checked on a regular basis to ensure proper power generation output doesn’t degrade.
  • Alignment – Misalignment’s can not only hurt from a maximum output standpoint but it can also cause excessive wear and damages. Our Laser Alignments will make sure all the proper components are aligned perfectly.

Pre-End Of Warranty Inspections:

Don’t wait until after your warranty runs out and something breaks before you take action. With our advanced inspections just prior to the expiration of your warranty we can help to identify potential costly issues so they can be taken care of right away while still under warranty.

Some of the issues we can check for are:

  • Misalignment’s
  • Imbalances
  • Gears and Gearbox Issues
  • Generator Faults
  • Worn Bearings
  • Brush Wearing
  • Rotor Issues
  • Yaw & Pitch Control Problems
  • Shaft Warping
  • Potential Electrical Failures
  • Lubrication Condition
  • Loose Components and more…

Learn about some of our other Wind Turbine Services here or reach out to us for more information. We have some of the best Millwrights in the country and can help with all of your industrial mechanic work. We perform Industrial Equipment Installations, Removals and Moves. Our skilled rigging team can safely move even the largest of industrial equipment so call us today!

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