Wind Turbine Repairs

Our skilled craftsmen are able to keep your Turbines generating with minimal downtime!

Let Us Help Protect Your Investment

You need your Turbine’s blades to keep turning to keep from losing potential profits. Let us help keep your wind farm producing!

Turbine Maintenance

Properly maintaining your turbines can help to avoid larger repairs and downtime.

Wind Turbine Inspections

We can inspect your turbines to be sure they are mechanically sound and operating at optimal efficiency.

Renewable Wind Energy Is Growing

You need to protect your investment into this technology, let us help you!

Wind Turbine Services

Our team of highly experienced craftsmen are able to service your Wind Turbines with the quality and safety standards that TIM has become known for in the industry!

Some Wind Turbine Services We Specialize in:

  • Precision Alignments
  • Generator Repairs
  • In-shop Wind Generator Repairs
  • Up-Tower Wind Generator Repairs
  • In-shop machining
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Inspections
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Mechanical Repairs

Your investment into your wind farm equipment needs to be protected. Depending on the environment where they are installed, it can be very remote, or dry and dusty or a really high wind area. All of these things can cause your wind turbines to need to be maintained more often to ensure proper operation.

You need all of your generators to be producing at maximum efficiency and with our extensive experience as industrial mechanics we are able to help with this issue and a wide array of other repair and maintenance needs. Our team provides flexible and customized operations and maintenance support services designed to fit your wind farm’s specific needs. Whether you need a planned maintenance service or an emergency repair, we’re here for you!

Some of the Turbine Mechanical Repair Services we provide:

  • Repairs and Maintenance of the precision Hydraulic Systems that drive the pitch and yaw systems
  • Repairs and service of the Pitch and Yaw motor
  • Hydraulic pump repairs and replacements
  • Repair and replacements of the¬†pitch drive systems
  • Blade bearing greasing and replacements
  • Generator bearing replacements and maintenance
  • Blade bearing automatic grease dispenser installations and replacements
  • Gearbox repairs, replacement or maintenance
  • Yaw modules replacements and diagnostics
  • Oil level sensor testing and replacements
  • Installation or replacement of 3-phase bridge rectifiers
  • Main shaft machining, and replacements
  • Lubricating mechanical gearing in pitch and yaw motor systems
  • Replacement or upgrading of various oil and hydraulic pumps throughout the system
  • And more! Just call +1 (281) 339-7570 today for more information.

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